Replaced by Fluke 368 / Fluke 369


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Fluke 360 AC Leakage Current Clamp Meter


Ideally designed for non-invasive checks of insulation condition, the Fluke 360 leakage meter allows you to perform tests without powering down the installation or disconnecting equipment - saving you time, without compromising on quality or safety. 


  • Measurement of leakage current with 3 mA range and 1 µA of resolution, for accurate monitoring of insulation erosion
  • Broad range of measurement, from 1 µA up to 60 A, for all installation needs;
  • Advanced shielding to ensure accurate results when measuring near other conductors
  • The high durability clamp construction can withstand over 50,000 operations, added ruggedness that extends the life of your leakage clamp.
  • Easy-to-carry, pocket-sized leakage current tester with wide 40 mm (1.5 in) jaw size
  • Handy “Display-Hold” button for capturing leakage current readings in hard-to-reach places
  • Auto power-off, with warning buzzer, saves battery life
  • Conformance to IEC1010 and EMC standard for confident measurements
  • Meets all of the applications and performance classes in safety standard VDE0404-4 and VDE0702 for leakage current and differential current measurement of electrical appliances



General Specifications

Method of detection Mean value
Display Digital display 3200 counts
Bar-graph display 32 segments, LCD
Measurement cycle 2 times/second (digital display), 12 times/second (bar-graph display)
Range switching Auto-range
Ambient temperature and humidity 0°C to 50°C, 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Temperature coefficient 0.05% of range/°C or less (within the ranges of 0°C to 18°C and 28°C to 50°C for measurement of 0-50 A)
Influence of external magnetic field 0.0005% typical
Influence of conductor position Within accuracy
Circuit voltage < 300 V rms
Safety standard EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-032, 300 V CAT III, Pollution Degree 2
Withstanding voltage 3.7 kV ac
Battery type 1 x 3 V Lithium battery (button cell) CR2032
Battery life Approx. 90 hours (when continuously used)
Auto power-off Approx. 10 minutes
Diameter of measurable conductor 40 mm max.
Weight 200 g
Dimension 176 mm x 70 mm x 25 mm
Operating altitude 2000 m

Electrical Specification

Specifications at 23 ± 5ºC, 80% RH max
Accuracy (% readout + value of least significant digit)
3 mA Resolution 0.001 mA
Accuracy 1% + 5
Max permissible current 60 A rms
30 mA Resolution 0.01 mA
Accuracy 1% + 5
Max permissible current 60 A rms
30 A Resolution 0.01 A
Accuracy % + 5
Max permissible current 60 A rms
60 A Resolution 0.1 A
Accuracy 5% + 5
Max permissible current 60 A rms
Mean value detection and RMS-value calibration Accuracy specified at 50/60 Hz


For complete specs please download the product datasheet


Model Name Consist of Price
  • Fluke 360 AC Current Clamp Meter
  • Soft carrying pouch
  • Users manua

Replaced by Fluke 368 / Fluke 369



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